Our knowledgeable dentist, Dr. James M. Heltzel, has not used mercury “amalgam” fillings since 1984. Why?

  • Amalgam fillings contain over 50% mercury, which is a heavy metal toxin.
  • Dental amalgams have the capability of becoming miniature batteries when placed in the wet, acidic environment of the mouth. These electrical currents cause a release of metal ions from the filling called galvanism.
  • Mercury can be released from fillings in the form of vapor, which has the ability to penetrate cell membranes and pass through blood into body tissues.
  • Mercury toxicologists have stated that no amount of exposure to mercury vapor can be considered harmless.
  • In October 1998, the FDA ruled that mercury and any products that contain mercury components are not recognized as safe and are to be eliminated from any products sold over-the-counter. There is no explanation given how dental mercury is different from other mercury and has escaped this ruling.

Based on the above reasons, many dental consumers are choosing “smart dentistry” by electing to have their fillings replaced either with recommendations from their healthcare providers or because of their own interest in optimum health. They are also choosing to say “no” to placing any new silver mercury fillings in their mouth.

The American Dental Association admits that mercury vapor is released from amalgam fillings after chewing and brushing but continues to state they remain safe because they have been in use for over 150 years. To learn more about the benefit of mercury-free dental fillings in Las Vegas, Nevada, we invite you to watch the videos below and to contact our dental office today.